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Potholes.co.uk is an independent website designed to help you, the motorist, assist your regional council, improve the state of your local roads and claim compensation if your vehicle has been damaged by potholes.

The UK motorist pours billions of pounds into the public purse through taxes, yet experts reckon there is an amazing £1 billion shortfall in funding for repairs. As a result, there is often a 'patch and mend' mentality when it comes to highway maintenance.

We just don't think that is good enough and people are suffering from extra repair bills and sometimes even personal injury, simply because roads aren't kept up to scratch.

That's why Potholes.co.uk has been set up. Thanks to the support from independent warranty specialist, Warranty Direct, we're here to raise awareness of the poor state of the UK's roads, proven by the large number of suspension claims made every year. Together, we aim to campaign for swifter and more efficient works to repair defects.

The site offers you the contact details you need to report a pothole in your area, plus advice on how to make a claim if your car has been damaged.

But we also need your help to make things better - Potholes.co.uk offers you the chance to share your experiences by allowing you to post details and pictures of potholes in your area, using our simple upload system.

In this way, we hope that the site becomes a public service, warning other motorists of dangerous holes in their region, whilst also highlighting problems to local authorities.

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