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In this section, users can share advice about making a claim or any other pothole issue. Once a query has been posted it will appear in the list below. By clicking on a query you will be able to see responses from other users, or share your own knowledge by posting a reply.

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Damage    - 0 replies
23 02 2018

I hit a pot hole last Friday in the dark and damaged my frront suspension strut , the pot hole was filled in by this Monday morning, what chance have of claiming for the damage please

FOI advise    - 0 replies
14 02 2018

I have requested FOI from Highways England on a section of road in Warwickshire where I damaged my car in a huge pothole. They have responded very promptly and are asking me what information I am...

womens day images    - 0 replies
14 02 2018

Happy Women’s Day Images 2018 Happy...    - 0 replies
03 02 2018

Chantel st claire Use a zinc oxide sunblock Not a sunscreen. Sunscreens can cause some problems because they penetrate in the skin and even the blood stream. Zinc oxide does not vanish into the...    - 0 replies
24 01 2018

ERX Pro Testosterone Booster for Men like Yohimbe or another natural numerous help hormonal issues is keeping you from seeing eating habits study youd as. Just remember adhere to the recommended...

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