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In this section, users can share advice about making a claim or any other pothole issue. Once a query has been posted it will appear in the list below. By clicking on a query you will be able to see responses from other users, or share your own knowledge by posting a reply.

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claim refused: Zurich Municipal for Scottish Borders    - 0 replies
03 07 2017

Hello, Advice needed regarding claim following hitting a pothole in early April if possible. I submitted the claim a couple of days following the incident on the 9/4. Damage was:broken coil...

Cumulative damage due to potholes    - 0 replies
28 06 2017

he road between White Notley and Faulkbourne is disgusting, there are numerous large, deep potholes and the road surface itself is in a shocking condition. I drive along this road every day en...

Partial Settlement offered    - 0 replies
31 05 2017

Long story short, i hit a pothole back in January. Caused a large amount of damage to my car. Steering rack needs replacing, tyre, wheel. The claim is approx. £3k. Local council originally...

Bad fall    - 0 replies
22 05 2017

Hello ,yesterday I fell badly on a pothole in a town centre whilst crossing a road.I fell heavily on the road and though nothing is broken I have jarred my right upper arm and both legs..being a...

Pothole writes off car    - 0 replies
15 05 2017

My wife was driving the car after dropping our son off at school this morning. Driving back she went into a pot hole and this has resulted in the engine shearing away from its support, all three...

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