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In this section, users can share advice about making a claim or any other pothole issue. Once a query has been posted it will appear in the list below. By clicking on a query you will be able to see responses from other users, or share your own knowledge by posting a reply.

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Emergency Repair Fit For Purpose?    - 1 reply
30 03 2017

I've been having a long running email "chat" with an insurance assessor representing our council's highways contractor. I've formally claimed for wheel and tyre damage and it's been...

Pothole death    - 0 replies
28 03 2017

Hi I know that this was long time ago but sadly I lost my sister and daughter to her car hitting a pothole making her car crash and cause her to die in car accident x I want to make aware of this...

M6 Pothole    - 0 replies
23 03 2017

Hi I hit a huge pothole on the M6 today and it damaged my alloy and has to be replaced. I took pics if my location, car damage and mercedes are taking a cideo of the damage. I reported...

When to Claim    - 0 replies
13 03 2017

Following damage to my car after hitting a pothole, I have reported the pothole to the relevant local authority. I have also followed your step-by-step guide (very helpful - thank you!) and...

Claim Rejected    - 0 replies
13 03 2017

Made a concise claim to Herts Highways, as expected they have rejected the claim. Please, how is the best way to appeal this, I have blown two tyres on this front and rear. Help please.

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