Ask advice - can't find a claim form for East Sussex highways
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can't find a claim form for East Sussex highways

22nd December 2013

I reported a deep pothole that has been a long standing problem in Winchelsea, East Sussex a few weeks ago. Not fixed as of 20 December. Damage to my wheel, £140 for a new one.

I have searched East Sussex County council website. No where does it say about claiming or any forms to fill in.

Has anyone dealt with them and did they fill in a form or just write them an email?

Thanks for your help.


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seanwills     posted : 19/02/14 at 7:41 pm

Hello, you could always look at the facebook group east Sussex pot holes ( they guys there are quite good, they report every case to the council involved, and request the info you will need. They also help you with the claim forms etc... Expert     posted : 30/12/13 at 9:42 pm

Think about it ... they are not likely to advertise how to make a claim against them!

if you think you have a claim, write to them explaining why.

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