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Pothole death

28th March 2017

Hi I know that this was long time ago but sadly I lost my sister and daughter to her car hitting a pothole making her car crash and cause her to die in car accident x I want to make aware of this to other drivers x her car back axle snapped and she couldn't control her car it swerved hit a lamppost and over turned in a garden and she died instantly her main aorta was rupurtered in her heart she was only 21 and we lost her to this pothole we as family have never got over this and still miss her everyday x and there was no claim put in either x the police says the car had skids from pothole which was recorded but nothing was done please make this aware to other people x to what damage it can do to other drivers x and other damage to cars and bikes bicycles x etc x even I twisted my ankle walking accross the road one day and sprained it x so many different things can happen to this potholes x thanks grieving sister x family x

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