Ask advice - Rejected claim on M1
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Rejected claim on M1

5th April 2017

Hitting 2 potholes in quick succession on the northbound M1 inside lane, I, thankfully, manage to get limp to Toddington services.
My front offside tyre is beyond repair says the AA man & calls a mobile tyre fitter. My fault not having a spare but £186 later, I'm on my way.

My claim is rejected because the HA sends me 2 maps and a report by their service provider who carried out an inspection 4 days before my incident, finding no faults.

So, based on the 'evidence' it's rejected. But how am I to gather evidence? It's impossible to find the precise location, take pictures, measure the offending hole on the M1 on a pitch black raining night in January.

Is there nothing more I can do?

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