Ask advice - Double Potholes, Hook Norton
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Double Potholes, Hook Norton

12th April 2017

Dear Sirs,
The Oxfordshire County Council OCC has rejected my claim for £144 tyre replacement and loss of wages to fix it along with pics and measurements.
OCC say they submitted the defect for repair within the national guidance on the 24hr basis.
I proved to them this was not the case.
They then come back to me and stated the Potholes in this category are generally responded to within 10 working days.
The double pothole was fixed the day after my incident. They say, if there was an urgent defect found then it should have been called into their customer centre for a quicker response time.

The Potholes in question were over a brow of a hill and dangerously positioned. They were red markings around both holes at the time of my incident. If the inspector had marked the holes it should have been noticed as urgent with some kind of warning signage prior to the holes.

My query is: where can I find in writing the category for potholes and their response time of completing this work within10 days ?

Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

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