Ask advice - Large pothole, vehicle damage
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Large pothole, vehicle damage

7th May 2017

Good evening all,

After a bit of advice on my upcoming claim.

I've hit a pothole on 08.04.17, road type 4a, small local country lane in Suffolk.

30mhp, late at night
2ft long, 1ft across 100-120mm deep

I suffered a front n/s puncture, alloy wheel damage, front bumper splitter came off, lower front bumper actually went into the road from depth of pothole, deep scratch on paint.
Tracking was out also.

I have had the car fixed, my local garage noting that all damage was pot hole related on the paperwork, receipts kept.

Have requested info in road maintenance intervals, previously reported issues etc.

Road was last inspected 29/11/16, 2man inspection from moving vehicle, max speed 30mhp.

This is within the 6month intervals..

I'm sure I'll get a claim rejection response. Can anyone suggest a different angle to take? I have a lot of pictures and evidence of damage. I've reported the pothole day prior to my FOI request.

Any help appreciated!



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Pothole Picasso     posted : 13/05/17 at 7:02 pm

Check the TAMP guide councils use. The Norfolk one it states 84 days 12 weeks to repair D response pot holes council was doing working days which is actually 117 days 17 weeks not what the TAMP states. did the pothole have white or yellow paint around it? But do not go to court with out a solicitor this is proper legal stuff and they try and get the case thrown out before you even get down to the point about them failing to maintain the roads. do not give them any information about you or your claim you don't need to they will use it against you. do not be abusive - be very polite. they will try and stick you with the costs mine was over £3000 but luckly the judge wouldn't allow the cost against me.

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