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Pothole news

Potholes and poorly maintained roads are always making headlines, which just goes to prove what a major source of heartache they are for the nation's motorists. Below you'll find links to just some of the many news stories on the topic of potholes that appear every week.

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Date: 18/10/2016, Source: Daily Gazette / Essex County Standard

Baffled councillor says county's new pothole success claim is 'full of holes'

A BAFFLED councillor has voiced his frustration at a lack of action to fix “dangerous” potholes littering roads.

Essex County Council announced earlier this month the number of potholes on the county’s main roads has dropped by nearly half.

Harwich councillor Ivan Henderson, who has long campaigned for urgent action to fix road defects in the town, said the "other half must be in Harwich and Dovercourt".

"Potholes in Gwynne Road, Main Road and along the seafront are still sitting there untouched,” he said. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 18/10/2016, Source: Derbyshire Times

Pothole claims cost Derbyshire County Council £220,000

Derbyshire County Council has paid out more than £220,000 for damage to vehicles caused by potholes in the last three years. A total of 1,833 claims were made against the authority between 2013 and 2016, with the total for successful claims standing at £222,796. The figures have been released after a request by the RAC Foundation. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 17/10/2016, Source: Herts & Essex Observer

£90k paid out in pothole damage claims in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire faced one of the largest numbers of compensation claims in the country for damage caused by potholes.

In the last financial year, 1,369 claims were made to Hertfordshire County Council, costing almost £90,000 according to research by the RAC Foundation.

The figure was the third highest of the data collected from 204 out the 207 local authorities in the country.

The government estimates there is a road maintenance backlog of up to £8.6 billion. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 17/10/2016, Source: Burton Mail

Staffordshire and Derbyshire both in top 10 for pothole damage claims

Damage caused by potholes has cost Staffordshire and Derbyshire County Councils a combined figure in excess of £100,000 in the last year - with the number of claims by disgruntled motorists among the highest in the country.

Of the more than 150 councils in Britain, both counties appear at the top end of the list. Staffordshire are in seventh with 817 claims in 2015/16 to date and Derbyshire in ninth with 624 claims.

In Staffordshire 129 claims were successful leading to payouts totalling £34,628, while in Derbyshire 320 approved claims cost the council £75,517. Both county councils have said the large geographical network of roads in comparison to other areas mean it is inevitable the number of claims will be high. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 16/10/2016, Source: The Telegraph

Would you rather have a third runway at Heathrow, or your potholes fixed?

Since Brexit has become the prism through which all British politics and governance must be seen, there is a certain irony in the coming decision to expand London’s airport capacity. Voting to leave the European Union meant many things to many people, but can easily be read as England sticking two fingers up to the city-state that is, now in name only, its capital. Referendum voters proved they don’t love faraway foreign Brussels, but many feel little more affection for London, the citadel of liberal cosmopolitan Remainers. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 13/10/2016, Source: Daily Mail

Drivers pay the price for pothole plague: Motorists now making a claim every 17 minutes for damage

Motorists whose cars are being damaged by potholes on Britain's 'crumbling third world roads' are making a compensation claim to councils every 17 minutes, a damning new report reveals today.

But while the number of claims made has risen by nearly 9 per cent, the money that cash-strapped councils are paying out to hard-pressed motoristsis is actually falling, leaving drivers out of pocket, according to the respected RAC Foundation.

It says that last year drivers made at least 31,483 claims against councils across Britain for potentially 'life-threatening' vehicle damage – equivalent to one every 17 minutes.
Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 13/10/2016, Source: Southern Daily Echo

More than £100,000 pothole compensation paid out to damaged cars in Hampshire

MORE than £100,000 was paid out in compensation to drivers whose vehicles were damaged due to pot holes on Hampshire roads.

Almost 2,000 claims were made by drivers over the course of a year meaning hampshire received more claims than any other authority.

Figures show that of the 1,952 claims made, 306 were successful. In all £103,480 was paid out to disgruntled drivers between 2015 and 2016.

Hampshire transport chiefs have hit back over the figures saying as the third biggest county in the country they are responsible for more than 5,300 miles of roads and figures should be viewed as the number of claims made per 100 miles. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 13/10/2016, Source: Gazette Live

How much did Teesside councils pay out in pothole claims in the last year?

Less than £3,000 was paid out in compensation claims to drivers in Teesside last year for damage to cars caused by road defects.

The figures were obtained as the RAC called on the Government to commit extra money to allow councils to repair potholes, saying it will save money in the long-term.

Middlesbrough Council revealed there had been 24 claims of injuries due to potholes in 2015/16 but that it had only paid out on four occasions totalling £2,217 - an increase on the previous year which saw £259 paid our for just one claim. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 13/10/2016, Source: East Anglian Daily Times

Government’s Pothole Action Fund helps halve potholes in Essex

Between June and September this year, figures showed a 47 per cent drop in the number of defects on priority routes.

The council says the figures follow a record-breaking summer for road surfacing with 3.24 million square metres of surface dressing completed across the county. This is the equivalent of surfacing the area of the runway at Stansted 23 times.

Crews fixed 2,627 defects on the roads over the past three months compared with 1,638 over the previous quarter (April – June 2016).

The number of outstanding defects on priority routes at the end of June was 555. This had fallen to 291 by the end of September.

Across Essex statistics showed a reduction in potholes from 4,954 to 4,597 at the end of September. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 13/10/2016, Source: The Herald

Has Plymouth finally won the war on potholes?

Plymouth is bucking the national trend when it comes to pothole claims – saving taxpayers £120,000 over the course of just one year.

While nationally pothole compensation claims made by motorists are up by nine per cent – the latest figures from the RAC have revealed that Plymouth has had hundreds less claims over the space of 12 months.

In the 2014/15 financial year, 518 claims were made to Plymouth City Council, which saw £123,603 shelled out after 447 claims were successful. Read this News (opens in new window)

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