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Pothole news

Potholes and poorly maintained roads are always making headlines, which just goes to prove what a major source of heartache they are for the nation's motorists. Below you'll find links to just some of the many news stories on the topic of potholes that appear every week.

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Date: 13/10/2016, Source: Hertfordshire Mercury

1.3k compensation claims made for pothole damage in Hertfordshire in a year

Hertfordshire faced one of the largest numbers of compensation claims in the country for damage caused by potholes in the past year.

In the last financial year, 1,369 claims were made to Hertfordshire County Council, costing almost £90,000 according to research by the RAC Foundation.

The figure was the third highest of the data collected from 204 out the 207 local authorities in the country.

The government estimates there is a road maintenance backlog of up to £8.6 billion.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: "These figures are symptomatic of the inadequate funding available for local road maintenance.

"Just last week, the chancellor acknowledged that there had been decades of underfunding in the nation's infrastructure and that he was keen to support targeted, value-for-money public investment.

"Providing the funds to fix our roads would be a great place to start and would show rapid results." Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 07/10/2016, Source: Local Gov

Cuts force council to use volunteers to fill in potholes

Devon County Council is committing £100,000 to train volunteers to repair potholes in their local areas due to budget reductions.

The Community Road Warden scheme will supply designated ‘road wardens’ with a simple-to-use pothole repair material—Instarmac—to patch up small potholes.

These wardens will also act as a primary point of contact with the county council’s local neighbourhood highway officers and will be able to carry out other tasks such as weed clearance and grass cutting. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 06/10/2016, Source: Herald Express

Devon County Council asks public to help fill potholes

CASH-STRAPPED Devon County Council is recruiting and training members of the public to fix potholes it cannot afford to mend itself.

The council wants to create an army of volunteers in the 'Community Road Wardens' initiative, which is believed to be the first of its kind in the country.

Volunteers are given two days of training on how to fill in holes and supplied with the equipment and materials needed.

Organisers say a pilot scheme in five parishes has proved a success they now plan to roll it out further across Devon.

Other county councils are monitoring the project and considering adopting it elsewhere in Britain. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 05/10/2016, Source: BBC News

Pothole warden scheme relaunched in Devon

Devon County Council is calling for more volunteers to become road wardens and start filling in their own potholes.

Although the scheme has been branded "confusing and overly bureaucratic" by some, the council insists it is a success, with people already patching up potholes in five trial areas.

And if you have a pothole, we thought you'd like to know how to fill it. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 05/10/2016, Source: Grimbsy Telegraph

Pothole caused crash that killed father-of-three

A father-of-three was killed after a car struck a pothole and ploughed into his car, an inquest heard.

Thomas Fairholm, 46, was riding along a cut-through on an unclassified road near Thimbleby, two miles west of Horncastle, when Alice Rylett's car lost control.

An inquest heard the motorist said she felt like she was “in a dream" as the accident happened – and got out of her car to find Horncastle man Mr Fairholm in a field.

Now coroner Stuart Fisher is calling for the road to be made safer. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 05/10/2016, Source: Manchester Evening News

16,000 potholes reported across Greater Manchester in ONE year

Complaints about potholes across Greater Manchester topped 16,000 in a year, according to figures exclusively released to the M.E.N.

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians across the region have reported thousands of surface marks on our roads, with councils saying they are committed to working on the problem.

The Federation of Small Businesses submitted Freedom of Information requests to our 10 councils to investigate the problem.

Figures show that Oldham was the region’s capital of potholes in 2014/15 - the last available figures - with 3,594 being reported to the town hall. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 03/10/2016, Source: Weston, Worle and Somerset Mercury

Council repairs 11,000 potholes in two months – do you think there is still more work needed?

The council hired specialist machinery for June and July to tackle a backlog of pothole repairs across the district.

In June, 5,344 potholes were patched by the council and a further 6,555 were filled throughout July.

The reduction of the backlog meant only 260 potholes were fixed in August.

The council was not able to confirm how many potholes remain in need of attention, but deputy leader and executive member for highways, Elfan Ap Rees, told the Mercury he is ‘really pleased’ with the improvements made so far. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 29/09/2016, Source: South West Evening Post

Just how many potholes in Swansea have been repaired since July?

ALMOST 750 potholes have been filled in Swansea since mid July following a council pledge to repair every one reported within 48 hours.

Highways chiefs say nearly every reported incident has been fixed within the two-day deadline in communities across the city after residents asked the council to make repairs a priority.

Swansea Council says it has invested £5 million into highways maintenance this year – an extra £1million compared to previous years, with the extra cash going towards creating a dedicated pothole repairs team. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 29/09/2016, Source: Evening Standard

Potholes giving drivers a bumpy ride

Statistical analysis proves what millions of motorists discovered for themselves over the summer: Britain’s local roads are crumbling.

According to the RAC, there has been a 125 per cent rise from 2006 to 2016 in the proportion of vehicle breakdowns where poor road surfaces were likely to be a contributory factor. And it’s prompted calls for a funding rethink.

The study compares the percentage share of the RAC’s pothole-related breakdowns to all other types of call-out alongside historic rainfall and frost data. In the 12 months ending June 2006, pothole-related breakdowns — such as damaged shock absorbers, broken suspension springs and distorted wheels — represented about 0.4 per cent of RAC call-outs. In stark contrast, at the end of the 12 months to June 2016, this had risen to 0.9 per cent. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 29/09/2016, Source: The Telegraph

Model's pothole protest makes a splash

When this woman wanted to draw attention to the poor state of the roads near her family’s village, she hit on an unconventional approach.

Sick of the potholes she had to negotiate every time she visited relatives in Thailand's Tak province, the woman, a model named Palm, took a bath in one, while dressed in a towel and a shower cap. Read this News (opens in new window)

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