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Pothole news

Potholes and poorly maintained roads are always making headlines, which just goes to prove what a major source of heartache they are for the nation's motorists. Below you'll find links to just some of the many news stories on the topic of potholes that appear every week.

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Date: 14/09/2016, Source: Grimbsy Telegraph

Council announces wave of road repairs across North East Lincolnshire

A NUMBER of North East Lincolnshire's roads have been earmarked for repair after the council secured £113,000 to tackle potholes and other defects.

In addition to the pothole repairs, a section of Pelham Avenue in Grimsby is also being resurfaced this week.

The works will also see the replacement of existing damaged channels and gullies which drain the surface water away from the road.

The work to replace the channels and gullies will be carried out during the day under temporary traffic lights.

Full daytime road closures will be in place when the road is resurfaced.

Letters will be sent to residents to let them know when the road is closed and a signed diversion will be in place. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 14/09/2016, Source: Stroud News & Journal

Pioneering technology will mean filling potholes in Stroud’s roads could be done more efficiently

NEW game-changing technology is on the way to help fill potholes in the Stroud district.

Gloucestershire County Council is to pilot a new way of producing asphalt, allowing highway gangs to work more flexibly with almost no wastage of materials at all.

The mobile asphalt production unit has arrived in the county and will soon be trialled on roads as repair work continues.

“This is big news for Gloucestershire,” said cllr Vernon Smith, cabinet member for highways.

“Using these machines means we won’t have to reply on asphalt depots being open to get our supply of material so we’ll be able to do more work at night time which is good news because it means less disruption to traffic during the day.” Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 14/09/2016, Source: Staffordshire Newsletter

Is this the worst road in Stafford for potholes?

MORE THAN £200,000 is needed to repair a pothole-plagued road branded the worst In Stafford.

Councillors have been battling to get Douglas Road West, which is part of a bus route, brought up to scratch for five years.

But the Beaconside road remains a hazard for users, borough councillor Jonathan Price said.

"I call it the worst road in Stafford," he said. "It's absolutely abysmal. Patching it doesn't work. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 13/09/2016, Source: Cotswold Journal

The scourge of traffic problems on Cotswold roads due to potholes could be reduced thanks to new technology.

THE scourge of traffic problems on Cotswold roads due to potholes could be reduced thanks to new technology.

Gloucestershire County Council is trialling a new way of preventing potholes - an asphalt production unit will soon be put to work on local roads.

Councillor Vernon Smith, cabinet member for highways said, “This is big news for Gloucestershire.

"These pioneering new machines are a real game changer for road repairs.

"Technology has really moved on and we’ll be able to carry out permanent hot asphalt repairs on site without having to go back to the quarry. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 12/09/2016, Source: Retford Times

Retford's Churchgate car park to close to plug potholes

The busy town centre car park on Churchgate is to close while the council carries out repairs.

Works to repair and resurface a number of potholes and areas of broken surfacing on the car park are scheduled to be carried out on Monday, September 19.

Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 12/09/2016, Source: Evening Times

Glasgow wants potholes fixed: Three quarters of people unhappy with city's roads

A NEW survey of city residents has found more than three quarters are unhappy with the state of the city's roads.

The figure in the annual household survey carried out by the city council is 7% higher than it was last year.

Neil Greig of the IAM motoring organisation believes the local authority now has to set targets in a bid to make improvements. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 12/09/2016, Source: Shropshire Star

Garages report more damage as drivers left to count cost of potholes

Mechanics say “careful drivers” are facing bills for repairs due to damage caused by poor road surfaces.

It comes as figures obtained by the Shropshire Star reveal councils in the county are being forced to pay out thousands in compensation for injury and damage caused by potholes.

Ryan Jones, from AW Motor Service in Ketley, said in the four years he has been working in the garage he has seen more and more people seeking work for damage caused by driving through potholes. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 11/09/2016, Source: The Northern Echo

Dismay as potholes road classed too good to repair

VILLAGERS say a major road fed by a recently-opened £37m bypass has fallen into a “horrendous” state of repair and is blighting their lives.

Householders in Patrick Brompton, on the A684 Wensleydale road fear their appeals to fill potholes are falling on deaf ears after being told the road’s condition does not meet criteria for repairs.

Charles Ropner said:”We live right in the middle of the village and the potholes catch lorries going down the dale and lorries going up the dale, which makes for an unholy row right in the middle of the village. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 10/09/2016, Source: Messenger Newspaper

Pothole problem: "Strip off asphalt and expose the original cobbles"

It comes as little surprise to me that roads in Trafford are plagued by potholes.

Having spoken to a Highway Maintenance Engineer repairing a pothole, he said that refilling a pothole was basically a waste of time because within a short time traffic and weather would bring about the same problem.

The answer is a total resurfacing of the area and of course therein lies the problem.

Trafford "Beancounters" have calculated that it is cheaper to allow potholes and pay derisory compensation than it is to do a proper job and resurface the road. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 08/09/2016, Source: Messenger Newspaper

Damage claims for potholes rise in Trafford

THE A56 is Trafford’s most complained about road for potholes – with an increase in the number of claims for damage.

A report released by the Federation of Small Businesses on Wednesday revealed the number of claims made by drivers for damage to their vehicles after hitting potholes in Trafford has risen. Read this News (opens in new window)

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