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Pothole news

Potholes and poorly maintained roads are always making headlines, which just goes to prove what a major source of heartache they are for the nation's motorists. Below you'll find links to just some of the many news stories on the topic of potholes that appear every week.

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Date: 15/08/2016, Source: Irish Legal

Blog: Potholes and the law

Ciaran Rogers, principal solicitor at Rogers Solicitors in Dublin, writes on the law in Ireland around potholes.

I much prefer riding in Summer than in Winter for obvious reasons. It was actually dry last Sunday morning (shock, horror!) so off I went for a spin. I love riding on a Sunday morning as there is little traffic and the world seems that little bit less stressed. Riding helps clears my head and it is generally when I come up with ideas and plans for the week ahead. It’s my “me time”. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 15/08/2016, Source: Hull Daily Mail

Is there a council freeze on filling potholes in Hull because of culture works?

A senior councillor has poured cold water on claims work on road resurfacing schemes outside the city centre has been frozen.

According to recent area committee reports, future spending is on hold because of a review of budget allocations for highways facelift work in the city centre ahead of the City of Culture year.

Opposition Liberal Democrat Councillor Claire Thomas described the move as a "freeze" and claimed it could mean Hull gets less money in future for basic road repairs.

She said new government funding rules being introduced in 2018 mean councils will be judged on their previous track record of delivering highways programmes.
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Date: 15/08/2016, Source: Express

Bungling council FINALLY resurfaces pothole-riddled road - then digs it up the NEXT DAY

Residents plagued by 12 months of problems on Parsonage Road, were relieved to see the work finally done, then astounded to see the new road surface ripped up 24 hours later.

Council bosses said both repairs were part of a "co-ordinated programme to improve road safety".

The town's potholes were immortalised in the line "Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire..." from John Lennon's "Day in the Life".

Residents Allan and Sue Poyner said Blackburn with Darwen Council highways workers finally carried out repairs to potholes on Sunday August 7.

Later the same day, Mr Poyner said the road area was smoothed and finished by the team. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 15/08/2016, Source: Border Mail

Potholes not caused by rain alone, says senior engineer

They’re the bane of every driver: burst tyres, cracked rims, damaged alignments or worse.

Potholes in our Ballarat roads are blamed on rain, but in fact it’s vastly increased amounts of traffic, poor roadbase preparation and ad hoc solutions that are the main cause of road damage.

A senior civil engineer with more than 50 years of road-building experience, said while potholes are inevitable, strategies and proper planning could limit their numbers drastically. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 15/08/2016, Source: Get Hampshire

Farnborough potholes to be fixed as part of government scheme

Preparatory work will begin on Monday (August 15) at the Alexandra Road/Reading Road roundabout, with diversions beginning on Thursday (August 18)

The Alexandra Road/Reading Road roundabout in Farnborough is to be resurfaced as part of a government scheme to fix potholes across the country.

In April it was announced that motorists and cyclists in Hampshire would benefit after the government announced how £1.48 million will fix 28,075 potholes across the county over the next 12 months.

A total of £50 million in funding from the Pothole Action Fund will repair nearly a million potholes across the country. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 15/08/2016, Source: Hereford Times

Potholes cost the council thousands in compensation

MORE than £60,000 has been paid out by Herefordshire Council over the last three years due to potholes on the county’s roads.

Figures show that despite being on the decline, the local authority is still paying thousands of pounds to drivers and cyclists in compensation every year.

The figures obtained in a Freedom of Information request made by the Hereford Times show that the biggest sum was paid out between October 2013 and September 2014, when a total of 791 claims were made against the Herefordshire council, of which 145 were successful, costing the authority £30,047. The highest claim was for £2,449. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 14/08/2016, Source: Farnham Herald

Repairs to potholes are agreed

POTHOLE repairs totalling more than £80,000 to fix some of Haslemere’s worst affected roads, will be carried out by Surrey County Council.
Councillor Nikki Barton said: “I have been working with the highways team to identify some of the worst stretches in Haslemere.”
Funding from Waverley Local Area Committee has been fond to repair the following roads.
• Sturt Road – £22,900 (including drainage repairs under the railway bridge)
• Lower Street at the junction with Sandrock - £23,367
• Kings Road near the entrance to The Herons leisure centre – £19,730; and
• High Lane – £14,217. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 13/08/2016, Source: Echo News

Anger as highway workers paint over potholes instead of fixing them

ANGRY drivers can’t believe county council workers have painted over potholes...instead of repairing them.

Motorists are even forced to drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid them, as they are so deep.

The holes can be found in Timberlog Lane, Basildon, at the junction with Luncies Road.

Taxi driver Ralph Morgan, 73, said the situation was ridiculous.

He said: “I just don’t understand why the county council would spend money on workers painting the white lines in the road when they should be spending that money on fixing the road first. Read this News (opens in new window)

Date: 12/08/2016, Source: Burton Mail

If we want to fix the potholes we have to put up with roadworks

THE state of the roads and the plethora of potholes that cause misery for motorists is never out of the news. It seems like every day we are contacted by members of the public telling us about a car-crunching hole on our roads.

The junction of Horninglow Street and Hawkins Lane was in the news only last week as drivers told us about the well-known spot, where there are so many potholes there is simply no way of avoiding them.
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Date: 12/08/2016, Source: Examiner

Thousands of potholes repaired by Kirklees Council with state-of-the-art technology

Council looking for solution to problem which is blight of motorists' lives
More than 6,000 potholes across Kirklees have been repaired over the last 12 weeks.

The council is testing out new methods of tackling potholes - a blight of motorists’ lives.

The authority says it is looking for long lasting solutions that offer value for money, make the process quicker and is suitable for both rural and urban roads.

More than 40,000 potholes are reported every year to Kirklees, and the repairs for those come out of a budget of just £650,000.

And it has been revealed that more than £33,000 in compensation has been paid out by Kirklees over a three-year period to drivers whose cars have been damaged by potholes. Read this News (opens in new window)

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