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Welcome to our blog area where we talk about pothole issues and highlight interesting stories. Be sure to check back often as we update this area regularly. If you'd like to have your say then why not visit our Write a story section.

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Potholes.co.uk welcomes LGA “roadworks taskforce” 03 05 2013

Campaign website, Potholes.co.uk, has welcomed news that a new taskforce comprising councils, utility companies and business representatives has been set up to reduce the cost and disruption...

Pothole damage three times more likely in the North 04 03 2013

Motorists in Scotland and the North of England are up to three times as likely to damage their cars on poorly maintained, potholed roads, according to Potholes.co.uk. Automotive warranty...

Addendum: Commuters' month of misery thanks to pothole penny-pinching 28 01 2013

Potholes.co.uk would like to clarify a misunderstanding conveyed via our 28 January press release in which we suggested the use of stone mastic asphalt was responsible for the poor condition of...

Reporting a pothole to your council? There’s an app for that 20 03 2012

Here at Potholes.co.uk, we’re all for new technology that makes reporting car-damaging potholes easier. And now it looks like there’s a new Smartphone app that is set to make the process much less...

Talking potholes with Motors.co.uk 12 07 2011

Earlier in the year we predicted that the UK was heading for a third world road network and little has been done to change our position. We calculated that the nation’s cars suffer up to three...

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