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Welcome to our blog area where we talk about pothole issues and highlight interesting stories. Be sure to check back often as we update this area regularly. If you'd like to have your say then why not visit our Write a story section.

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Potholes top list of British annoyances 26 05 2010

According to the results of a new survey released today by O2, minor inconveniences like potholes and slow web connections get us Brits more hot under the collar than much bigger problems, like...

Pothole prose champions unveiled 10 05 2010

It’s a proud day for Potholes.co.uk. After much deliberation, involving several heated exchanges, the team has chosen three winners of the inaugural Pothole Poetry Competition. We never...

Potholes – The Song 16 03 2010

The things we do for our jobs. Potholes.co.uk just took a call from Chris King, lead singer of London-based band, The Legendary Hearts. Chris wanted to know whether or not we could use their...

Students design ‘hi-vis’ pothole 03 03 2010

We’ve heard of the hi-vis vest – that most sartorial of all safety clothing items – but what about the hi-vis pothole? A design student has come up with an innovative way of making our dreaded...

How many potholes could £283,000 fix? 18 02 2010

Well, actually, according to the accepted average pothole repair cost of £70, a chunky 4,042 road craters could have been filled in with that amount of cash. But, in Oldham, that won’t happen...

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