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Welcome to our blog area where we talk about pothole issues and highlight interesting stories. Be sure to check back often as we update this area regularly. If you'd like to have your say then why not visit our Write a story section.

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Think it gives you a jolt going over a pothole at 40mph? Well, try hitting one at 190mph! 15 02 2010

That’s what faced the 40-strong field of NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers yesterday at the legendary Daytona 500 race in Florida. Just after halfway through the race, a crack opened up in the asphalt...

I wandered lonely as a pothole? 19 01 2010

We're searching for Britain’s best pothole prose as we continue to highlight the blight of the nation’s poor road surfaces during the UK’s annual “Pothole Season”. Warranty Direct, which set up...

UK thaw reveals 2010 “Pothole Season” 13 01 2010

As the temperature rises and the UK’s roads begin to clear following the icy weather, Potholes.co.uk has noticed a surge in visitor numbers as record numbers of road users report poor roads across...

Motorists warned of the threat of the ‘invisible’ pothole 04 01 2010

Motorists are being warned about the threat of ‘invisible’ potholes after a rise in accidents. Here at Potholes.co.uk, we've noticed an increase in drivers failing to notice water-filled...

In a deep 'Pot'hole 03 11 2009

In a deep ‘Pot’hole Has the world gone mad? Proof, if proof were needed, was offered by the Telegraph in the last few days that it matters not a jot what a good upstanding citizen you are when...

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