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Welcome to our blog area where we talk about pothole issues and highlight interesting stories. Be sure to check back often as we update this area regularly. If you'd like to have your say then why not visit our Write a story section.

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Appeal for pothole sufferers in the North East 13 08 2009

Are you a motorist or cyclist who has been affected by potholes in the North East of the UK? Potholes.co.uk has been contacted by a TV documentary crew looking for people from Northumberland,...

Plotting pensioner paints potholes 03 08 2009

We’re all for pothole militancy here at Potholes.co.uk. First it was the parish council that created a dossier of badly-maintained road crimes to shame its local road authority. Now a spray...

Potholes play part in deciding destiny of World Rally crown 03 08 2009

Proof if proof were needed that it matters not one jot whether you are the average Joe driving along the road outside your modest home, or a global sporting superstar. Potholes care nothing for...

Summer Round Up 03 08 2009

After a hectic start to the year with the cold weather creating lots of potholes, the warm summer seems to be allowing councils the chance to cope with the backlog. There are still far too many...

A call to arms… 29 05 2009

More power to the residents of North Curry in Somerset. Rather than just sitting back and accepting the poor state of their local roads, this slightly militant band have acted, and produced a...

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