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Welcome to our blog area where we talk about pothole issues and highlight interesting stories. Be sure to check back often as we update this area regularly. If you'd like to have your say then why not visit our Write a story section.

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Council was ‘irresponsible’ to ignore pothole dangers 16 04 2009

Unbelievable news this week about Navestock Parish Council in Essex that decided, in its wisdom, that far from being a costly and potentially dangerous menace, potholes should NOT be reported to...

Potholes back in the news 15 04 2009

Since we revealed the best and worst regions for roads across the country, it has thrust the subject of potholes firmly back into the news, and it’s great to see so many people talking about...

UK potholes cost £1 million per day, with worst costs in Scotland 07 04 2009

Motorists are paying out an estimated £1 million every day in repairs because of Britain’s potholed roads with the problem worsening the further North you go, according to data published by...

Kentucky Fried Potholes 01 04 2009

Pothole news from the USA last week revealed that Kentucky Fried Chicken is moving into road maintenance and paying for potholes to be filled in. Sure, it’s a marketing ploy (especially as KFC...

Potholes.co.uk relaunched 20 03 2009

If you’re a regular visitor to Potholes.co.uk you’ll have noticed that we’ve given the site a complete revamp to make it an even more useful resource than ever. We’ve talked to the experts and...

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