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How many potholes could £283,000 fix?

18th February 2010

Well, actually, according to the accepted average pothole repair cost of £70, a chunky 4,042 road craters could have been filled in with that amount of cash.

But, in Oldham, that won’t happen because the council in Greater Manchester has blamed a computer ‘blip’ for its failure to pick up £283k in parking fines. http://bit.ly/aFXcaL

With the UK’s roads more akin to the surface of the moon and drivers swerving round potholes like they’re on a ski run, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. Councils are not getting the funding they need to bring the roads up to standard as it is so to hear they are also shooting themselves in the foot is somewhat galling.

Of course, not that anyone likes getting parking fines, and lucky drivers in Oldham have dodged a bullet.

The rest of us are still just dodging potholes…

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