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Potholes – The Song

16th March 2010

The things we do for our jobs.

Potholes.co.uk just took a call from Chris King, lead singer of London-based band, The Legendary Hearts. Chris wanted to know whether or not we could use their latest song as part of our campaign.

The song is called ‘Hole’ and, as you can see at the band’s website: http://www.lhearts.com/The_Legendary_Hearts/The_Legendary_Hearts.html, the video features a man who falls down a pothole.

We think there’s another level Chris and his band are trying to reach here and that the pothole featured in the video is rather more of a metaphor.

But thanks for the thought, Chris. If nothing else, it certainly brightened up an otherwise routine Tuesday afternoon in the Potholes.co.uk office. And we’ve chucked the URL around a bit on Twitter etc so if Chris’s aim was to gain some cheap publicity, it’s worked to an extent.

Take a look – the song’s not half bad, actually. Almost Ben Folds-esque, in Potholes.co.uk’s humble opinion....

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