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Pothole prose champions unveiled

10th May 2010

It’s a proud day for Potholes.co.uk.

After much deliberation, involving several heated exchanges, the team has chosen three winners of the inaugural Pothole Poetry Competition.

We never doubted the literary talents of the motoring public, especially those who’ve been driven half mad by their bad luck on our crumbling roads, but we were pleasantly surprised by some of the entries – some were wacky, some even X-rated, but they were mostly really rather humorous.

Well done Karen Tolhurst, from Kent, (also known as @Pebblepip on Twitter) who conjured up this inventive, multi-rhyming effort: ‘I hit a pothole, car went lame, not to blame, made a claim, nothing came, crying shame I hit a pothole.’

Another of our chosen three to come through Twitter was from @treyathlete (or Mr Ellison-Smith as he’s known to his friends), whose entry read: ‘When almost dusk & light turns grey, potholes greedily grasp their prey.Axles,tyres, paint are theirs, once you've trespassed in their lairs’.

And lastly, Sean Gibson offered this thought-provoking piece: ‘It's amazing don't you think, that you don't have to drive or drink, to test your mettle skill and soul, you just need one big round pothole’

Of course, all three will receive an iPod Touch for their endeavours (we’ll be in contact shortly) but we’d like to thank again all who took the time to have a stab.

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