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Potholes top list of British annoyances

26th May 2010

According to the results of a new survey released today by O2, minor inconveniences like potholes and slow web connections get us Brits more hot under the collar than much bigger problems, like crime and unemployment.

It certainly doesn’t come as a surprise to us at Potholes.co.uk – we’ve been banging this particular drum for ages and our thousands of user reports are testament to the fact that drivers are little short of incensed by our crater-filled roads. Especially if one of those craters damages our car.

Potholes as a topic has absolutely roared on to the news agenda, this year more than ever and it might seem strange to some that these little highway imperfections cause so much chatter.

But the fact is that anything that hurts us financially will always be an emotive and, therefore, a newsworthy subject.

So, although other ‘niggles’ such as anti-social behaviour and unfriendly customer service also finished high up the O2 survey list, it’s no surprise that potholes top the lot.

See the full story here: http://bit.ly/dvSTsd

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