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Reporting a pothole to your council? There’s an app for that

20th March 2012

Here at Potholes.co.uk, we’re all for new technology that makes reporting car-damaging potholes easier. And now it looks like there’s a new Smartphone app that is set to make the process much less painful.

The Android app, called Street Bump, has been pioneered by the US city of Boston as it seeks to solve the problem of its cratered roads.

Now, the Sunday Times has reported that the download, which uses the smartphone’s motion sensors and GPS to automatically detect potholes that give the vehicle the device is in a serious jolt, could be trialled here in the UK.

The device measures the impact of the pothole on the car and then, the owner of the car and Android phone can send that data directly on to the relevant local council.

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a way of making the often difficult process of reporting potholes simpler and we applaud New Urban Engineers’ team of software developers.

For those without Android devices, the Report a Pothole section on our very own site offers instructions on how to do just that and our handy map allows you to pinpoint the location of craters you think other drivers need to be aware of.

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