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Addendum: Commuters' month of misery thanks to pothole penny-pinching

28th January 2013

Potholes.co.uk would like to clarify a misunderstanding conveyed via our 28 January press release in which we suggested the use of stone mastic asphalt was responsible for the poor condition of many of the UK’s roads.

We’d like to make it clear that we understand that all materials have their strengths and weaknesses and that stone mastic asphalt is a premium material, developed initially for the construction and maintenance of the high speed, high-volume road network (ie primarily motorways and trunk roads).

Following discussion with the Asphalt Industry Alliance, we now accept that our description of the exact nature of the use of stone mastic asphalt may have been misconstrued. However, we stand by our assertion that a lot of pothole repairs are badly done.

Whether this is as a result of shoddy workmanship or the use of the wrong materials and method for the type of road or surface, our commentary about the chronic underfunding of road maintenance budgets across the UK is what we had sought to illustrate.

Indeed, the Department for Transport conducted research that concluded “prevention is better than cure” and we still believe that increased funding for road maintenance authorities across the country would enable them to ensure that the appropriate preventative maintenance treatments and materials are used.

Where only reactive maintenance is possible, additional funding should permit more durable pothole repairs to be made.

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