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Temporary Dry Repair In The Morning - I Buckled A Wheel In TheEvening Added by: developer on 08 03 2016; 9 comments

My claim has been rejected under Section 41 with AMEY saying the pothole was reported and temporarily cold lay repaired in the morning as I hit it in the evening of the same day (it was dark and raining). Does anyone expect I can claim that...

Pothole in Howsham, Lincolnshire Added by: Andytbiz on 03 02 2016; 2 comments

I stepped out of my vehicle and without noticing my foot became stuck in the pothole. As I turned to move my foot stayed in the pothole and my whole body twisted over, resulting in me falling to the floor in the middle of a busy main road used...

Wheel breaker Added by: Benmcminn on 23 11 2015; 5 comments

Sustained a broken alloy wheel as a result of this hole in March. Took WSCC to court and lost because I did not measure the depth of the hole until 4 months after the damage event. WSCC defence was that they inspected it in February and the hole...

Road damage Hammerpond Lane, Plummers Plain Added by: Lynda55 on 06 11 2015; 2 comments

Friday 30th November early evening driving along Hammerpond Lane heading towards Mannings Heath Golf club. Although it is narrow road had to drive close to the left side of the road to allow room for oncoming vehicle to pass. Front left wheel...

Potholes Added by: Ratty2scatty on 20 02 2015; 8 comments

Every other month some one comes along and fills in a few of the potholes and it just gets worse, you need to rip it up and start again!!!!!

Potholes Seafield Ave - Grantown on Spey Added by: luvie on 11 02 2015; 2 comments

We went through these potholes on an 5.45am early morning drive down this road with a lorry parked at the other road side it was impossible to miss them damaging our new alloy wheels and car suspension making it un-driveable. , I went back with a...

large pothole causing serious damage to my car Added by: unhappy1 on 26 01 2015; 2 comments

On Friday evening at 8.50pm on 16th Jan 2015 I was travelling at an unhurried speed along Cammo Road from my house towards town and I got an incredible fright when the left hand passenger side wheel hit a huge pothole causing a loud bang and...

dangerous pothole in middle of road Added by: belindahudson07 on 22 12 2014; 2 comments

I have already had 2 damaged wheels and tyres on this section of the road - in February 2014, it had been repaired but has now reappeared and needs to be repaired

Strange change of rejection from county council Added by: Dez-Bryant25 on 26 11 2014; 4 comments

Hi, I'm new to the site as nobody else seems to be able to help I hit a pothole on one of the main through roads through my town on May 2nd this year (a manhole cover in the centre of the road that had a 3 inch deep hole at the side, the gap...

ivars Added by: haima on 01 10 2014; 1 comments

As a result of hitting this pothole on Bar hill , wiking way front passenger seat tyre of my car was immediately blown out. I managed to drive the car a further 100 metres and parked it safely. so I could check the damage.My front passenger tyre...

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