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Southend success Added by: woodsy on 03 03 2010; 1 comments

Over the last few weeks, a number of roads in Southend have begun to break up quite badly. One that I pass every day was becoming extremely bad, with deep holes and aggregate laying on the road surface. I logged onto the Southend council website...

Pothole action in Coventry Added by: PaulG on 01 03 2010; 1 comments

Hi, My group in Coventry maybe the first facebook group to tackle the council about the roads, the membership is growing by an average of 100+ per day from people all over the country who may not live here but use our roads at some point. I...

More damage to come in Hampshire? Added by: Neiljohnuk on 01 03 2010; 0 comments

Over the last few weeks I've been reporting potholes on a regular basis. Some have been repaired straight away (within 24 hours), others are still outstanding, those where the 'Highways Agency' appear to be the managing body or 'Railtrack' are...

BOLTON Turton, Broadhead Road Added by: pgljl on 27 02 2010; 2 comments

I just wanted to let people know that sometimes there are success stories in respect of claiming damages caused by potholes, although it does take perseverance. Almost two and a half years ago, in Nov 07, I hit a pothole on an unlit country...

Pothole Added by: stanley on 23 02 2010; 0 comments

As stated above, pothole filled in in less than 24 hours. Either you are super efficient or it was already scheduled to be done.

Road of Dudley Added by: luvclk on 18 02 2010; 0 comments

On 2nd December 2009 at about 0430 hours I was travelling along Nith Place, Dudley, when my front offside wheel hit a pothole. This caused the lower wishbone to literally snap in two and as a consequence the wheel flicked out at a right angle to...

A27 ( Romsey Road) Whiteparish in Wiltshire Added by: claydonp on 18 02 2010; 0 comments

Unprovable but it seems likely to have been a factor in addition to the alcohol level. An East bound travelling car left the road having hit the pot holed areaof the A27 and ploughed into our garden and demolished our courtyard wall at 2.30am...

LUCKY IF YOU DRIVE IN GLOUCESTERSHIRE Added by: SNAKEY on 09 02 2010; 1 comments

so if this council can do it why can't yours ??????

Potholes in Colkirk, Norfolk Added by: RobLucking on 03 02 2010; 0 comments

We had a couple of big potholes open up in the road outside our house, no doubt caused by the cold weather and exacerbated by the number of agricultural vehicles and 4x4s using the road. Reported them to Norfolk County Council on a Sunday via...

Can't wait the council to repair that hole!! Added by: John_Hart on 14 01 2010; 1 comments

The road of my house looked more like a streat from Irak than a road from Kent. The council said they would carry out some repairs but they were getting bigger, I simply couldn't wait and decided to do some research and repair at least the one...

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