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Alan Added by: Meriadoc on 31 12 2009; 3 comments

Driving round a sharp bend on a country lane in Bedfordshire on the 17th October 2009 nearside wheel went down pothole - changed wheel at safe location with ally wheel and tyre beyond repair. £290 Pot hole about six feet long 8 inches wide and...

Permanent Pothole Repair - No Waste! Added by: andyg on 18 12 2009; 0 comments

Did you know that Ultracrete's reknowned Permanent Pothole Repair in 25kg tubs, offers the ultimate solution for no wastage? Unlike similar products, Permanent Pothole Repair offers you an environmentally friendly option for your pothole...

I won my claim!!! It was easy to do... Added by: SteveCorbs on 14 12 2009; 3 comments

3 months ago, I drove over a large pothole which burst my tyre and totally destroyed my alloy wheel. I have a BMW with low profile tyres so when I took it to BMW they charged me £500 for the new tyre and alloy. Following instructions from this...

Time spent pays off Added by: amandaabbitt on 02 11 2009; 0 comments

My husband hit a large pothole back in January, damaging both the wheel and tyre. We made a claim against Kent Highways, which was (as expected) initially rejected (in June!) However, following the advice on this site, I obtained the documents...

The new answer to pothole mayhem Added by: infrared on 28 09 2009; 0 comments

The new patented infrared pothole repair system is about to hit the streets of the UK this unique system takes 12 minutes to complete and is guaranteed not to fail all for just £45 from

Case won Added by: mrangry on 10 06 2009; 2 comments

Hi all Case won. Wrote last year asking if anyone had gone down the Health and Safety route but no one had at that time. I decided to take this to small claims court against the Council who appointed a solicitor and were represented in court...

You are being unreasonable! Added by: Carnage on 09 06 2009; 8 comments

I work for a local government in Canada and read about this website in a local newspaper. I am involved in defending a City against claims for pothole damage. Just as in the UK we refuse about 99% of the claims. It is interesting that the...

Beat the Council Added by: adiohead on 01 06 2009; 0 comments

Hello, Firstly, I just want to say a big thanks to this site! I had amazing advice from Moh and it's because of him that I managed to beat the Council. A pothole had damaged both my wheel and tyre so I wrote to the Council involved and...

punter beats the county council Added by: drtim on 20 11 2008; 0 comments

today i took on west sussex county council in the small claims court for a buckled road wheel caused by a pothole. they used the standard defence of the highways act 1980. the judge was brilliant. His opening gambit was "why are we here?" and...

Success! Added by: Andy on 10 08 2008; 0 comments

After telling you about my 'mishap' and following your instructions I am pleased to say that Essex County Council have paid me the full £250+ for the new tyre and associated allignment work that needed doing. Many thanks for your advice!!

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