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A11 northbound slip road potholes Added by: CharlotteLeonard on 15 03 2017; 0 comments

As you come onto the A11 from the M11 driving northbound you drive round a sharp righthand bend that goes under the M11 and a few hundred yards after going under the M11 there are two areas on the outside lane only a couple of meters apart where...

Burleyhurst lane Added by: Styal hog on 13 03 2017; 0 comments

I narrowly avoided it on my motorcycle thankfully, as I noticed on my return a number of cars with wheel damage (my brother amongst them). It is a particulary agressive pothole with sharp steep edges resulting in many rim collapses and tyre...

potholes Added by: aliandphil on 10 03 2017; 0 comments

This road has had a diversion in place and has been closed for a month due to sewerage works in beeby .started using this road again Wednesday march as it is my regular route from Melton Mowbray to Leicester, this road has becoming very...

Broadway pothole (down to Cobble) Added by: Chrisheen on 07 03 2017; 0 comments

3 new types have been needed in the past 3 months, due to the potholes on here, most have now been filled in, but one really bad one is at the bottom of the street just need the Ginnel 3 pictures later I've had enough so when they filled in...

Wide pothole Added by: Kakihara on 05 03 2017; 0 comments

Just popped my tyre!

Sound School Added by: Beavo21 on 05 03 2017; 0 comments

The pothole is deep (6"d *12"l*8"w) and square on the facing edge located 30 yards past Sound and District Primary School driving from Nantwich to Whitchurch. On Friday 3rd in the afternoon my wife hit the pothole and I had to take her car...

Multiple large potholes Added by: jessyf on 01 03 2017; 0 comments

Two left front tyres damaged in 10 days. The road is narrow and so they are impossible to avoid if a car is coming the opposite way.

B4477 FROM A361 TO CARTERTON Added by: stelarge on 28 02 2017; 0 comments

I've been lucky so far , but i suspect my suspension is shot now because of this road. Its the worst stretch of road ive ever seen . Shame i cant put an arrow on the whole road.

B1068 Added by: Amorgos on 28 02 2017; 0 comments

I was leaving the Stoke by Nayland Country Club, turning left onto the B1068 towards the Colchester Road. I pulled out behind a double decker bus which indicates the speed I was travelling at as the bus was travelling quite slowly. The road is...

Water treatment plant waterside. Added by: markyboy on 27 02 2017; 0 comments

A friend drove over this today and damaged an alloy wheel. This pot hole is a danger to road users.

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