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deep pothole next to curb Added by: andrew stokes on 17 06 2017; 0 comments

Coming home form work on a busy evening, I have hit this pothole at around 30 mph and it has buckled my wheel and damaged both tyres - (the driver side has become misshapen as a result of the other one being damaged according to my mechanic). It...

A27 Lewes Roundabout Pothole Tyre Blowout Added by: on 14 06 2017; 2 comments

I was returning from work from Eastbourne towards Brighton. I was approaching the roundabout at Lewes on the A27 at 35-40mph. There were no other vehicles around thankfully as I approached on the right hand lane towards the roundabout to go...

The Council Added by: Pothole Picasso on 13 05 2017; 0 comments

Went to small claims court against the council's solicitors this is not advisable. I never got to even show the judge the council's neglect in maintaining the road. Thrown out on a technicality in the car lease companies documents. They then...

Councils Insurer Wont pay for Pothole damage Newcastle-under-Lyme Added by: SimonT on 22 03 2017; 1 comments

I sustained damage to my rear wheel, created a tear in my rear tyre and buckled my front wheel. I put in a claim and now the councils insurer have said they won't pay as the pothole was inspected a month before the incident and wasn't deemed...

pothole Added by: mont on 15 03 2017; 2 comments

yes this has damaged my car wheel badly which i will be making a claim for all i can say is people on bikes be careful they will be of and under a car before they know it.

Huge hole Dam Lane Added by: Rhondaoversby on 02 03 2017; 0 comments

At 6am this morning whilst driving down Dam Lane towards work on Hollins green I hit a pot hole, the depth and size of the hole resulted in damage to my vehicle and I have sustained whiplash! Repair costs alone are in excess of £200! The road is...

Large Pothole on Bridgewater Road/Wembley Added by: jayrajs on 18 02 2017; 0 comments

Driving on 11/02/2017 at approx 11:30pm. Was leaving a friend's house and approached the roundabout to exit into Bridgewater Road (Wembley). Going past Colyton Close bus stop I hear a large 'thud' sound as my car went over a pothole. It seemed...

small deep pot hole Added by: zara6792 on 09 01 2017; 0 comments

I was driving towards Shaftesbury at no more than 40mph when I hit the pothole. Although it was deep it wasn't noticeable from a distance and was just beyond a bend in the road. It hit with such impact it wrote off both my front left alloy and tyre.

Deep round pothole Added by: mjsalmon on 10 12 2016; 0 comments

Hit what looked like a small puddle on my bike and it was very deep. Throwing me off and damaging my bike and myself in the process. This is not safe for cycling traffic especially.

Two potholes close together Added by: bryce125 on 19 09 2016; 0 comments

Pulled over for a motorbike to pass, hit two potholes in quick succession. Both extending from drain covers, about 3-4 inches deep. Not only split tyre on front nearside, but cracked alloy in one place and dented in another. Reported to Norfolk...

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