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Sample Added by: adamjoan on 21 10 2017; 0 comments


Deep pothole Added by: on 17 10 2017; 0 comments

Impossible to avoid. Rapidly getting worse. Pothole is quite deep.

Kingsmill Added by: Phil69 on 15 10 2017; 0 comments

Extremely dangerous pothole resulting in damage to steering costing nearly £200

Penn road pot hole Added by: angelababy526400 on 09 10 2017; 0 comments

Driving up the penn road towards Wolverhampton there is a considerable sized pot hole which has caused unrepairable damage to my tyre and possibly alloy as well. Unable to avoid with traffic in the next lane. Obvious repair work has taken place...

Slip Road on J24 M25 Added by: ANAT on 04 10 2017; 0 comments

I was driving to work on M25, took the slip road on J24, was not required to stop as traffic lights were on green, was required to slow down to enter roundabout, on entering roundabout I hit the pothole which caused my tyre to burst, I was...

large pothole near Droxford, Hampshire Added by: mp28g08 on 03 10 2017; 0 comments

relatively large pothole. Caused my two nearside tyres to flat and distorted allow wheel. I had to replace the tyres one of which was relatively new. I have uploaded two photos of tyre and allow wheel damage it caused.

Dangerous pothole near Rothwick Farm Added by: OorWullie on 03 10 2017; 0 comments

While travelling from Portlethen on the Lairhillock road rounding the corner beside Rothnick farm a vehicle was approaching I kept to my correct side of the road and my front passenger wheel hit this pothole and caused damage to the structure of...

M20 J11-J10 Northbound- many potholes Added by: peterlinton on 02 10 2017; 0 comments

The carriageway North is littered with potholes. I hit one particularly large one with a VERY loud bang, swore a lot, discovered an egg in my OSF tyre when I next stopped. This def happened on the M20: I had washed my car only that morning. The...

pothole Added by: stuart26288 on 19 09 2017; 0 comments

Hit pothole

Huge hole in ground in a cemetery Added by: on 15 09 2017; 0 comments

I did not use my drive but recently bought a new electric car. I had a charging point put on my drive. I had previously reported the hole to the Council via the Caretaker who had reported this numerous times. I tried to get to my drive to charge...

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