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Pothole near Stamford Bridge, York

by lukeives

16 Nov 2010

I hit a pot hole on Ling Lane heading towards Stamford Bridge at the junction of Ling Lane/Moor Lane. It was positioned at the side of the road and the whole section was crumberling away.

I was driving at 30mph because the road itself was very uneven. As I approached the pothole another car came the other way. I continued on and as I passed the other car the road surface dissappeared and my front nearside wheel and rear nearside wheel hit the pothole.
The front of my car took most of impact and as you can see from the picture there isnt just the one pothole. My front nearside alloy was completly bent and caused the tyre to deflate. Thankfully, my passenger, myself and the other 3 wheels were ok. I had to call the AA for assistance because i felt that the impact from the pothole had done more damage.
The front nearside wheel was replaced with the space saver wheel and the AA checked the car's suspension and steering at the side of the road. The AA followed me a few miles to check the car was ok, which I was very impressed by. The car seemed ok so I headed home.
The next day I tried to find a replacement alloy, but sadly the type of alloys on my car had been discontinued and I couldnt find a used one. Repairing the alloy would be dangerous as it would always be weaker then the others and having odd alloys is dangerous full stop. In the end I had to replace all four alloys costing £347.31.

stories title
Pothole near Stamford Bridge, YorkPothole near Stamford Bridge, York
Pothole location
Stamford Bridge, York, North Yorkshire YO41 1HX, UK
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