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very bad road,needs fixing now!

by happytom

14 Jan 2011

this road not just outside the school but the whole of the road is in a bad state of repair,and it is not being put right .this is not the way to treat the people of crumpsall you have a duty of care .it is a fact that the local authorities and the high ways simply dont give a dam about the road but we the people pay our money and we the people of crumpsall vote! so remember that ,this is now a record of you being told ,and I will report you to the local MP and the local news paper it is not the weather or any other stupied reason why the road s are bad it is simply that the people in charge are incompetant fact ! I say look at the times in which we are living the days of shurking are over the days of terning a blind eye are over you are and will be accountable in the end .so do the right thing no more excuse,s no one,s asking for perfect roads all over over night ,just make a start

Pothole location
138 Crescent Rd, Manchester, Greater Manchester M8 5, UK
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