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by alancrow

11 Feb 2011

I use Iffin Lane fairly often. It is an unclassified road but a link between Canterbury and the busy B2068. Road near pothole is narrow and near a bend, just wide enough for two cars at a push. A pipeline trench follows the centre of the road in this area and the hole follows the side of a metal drain cover.
It is difficult to avoid in the dark in particular as this area of road has no streetlighting.
Wednesday evening 09/02/11 travelling north towards Canterbury it was dark, and I hit the hole. Could'nt see or avoid it. Heavy bang and tyre went flat immediately. Pulled over in a driveway and changed wheel in near darkness, lucky I had torch. Next morning went back took photos. and measurements. Man from Iffin Farm Bungalow adjacent to pothole came over said he was parish councillor and had reported hole to council but nothing had happened. He said many people have taken photos. of hole and he can hear the bangs of wheels inside his house ! He was frustrated with councils negativity and will raise again next parish meeting soon. Whilst there one car passing hit hole with a big bang.
My tyre was ruined but garage believe wheel is O.K. New tyre £103 ! Had a similar thing happen, ruined tyre last September about 5 miles away on Stone Street, getting ridiculous and dangerous state of our roads, so decided must take this issue on !

stories title
Pothole location
Iffin Ln, Lower Hardres, Kent CT4 7, UK
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