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Pothole Damaged 2 Alloy wheels and 1 tyre.

by johnd

04 May 2009

I started my journey to drop my son off to a party on a nice sunny early Saturday morning. I was travelling at round 50 mph down a country lane when I was unable to avoid the pothole located after a brow on the hill. This pothole had been clearly marked by the council with orange paint but has not been filled. I ended up getting recovered back to my home town of Braintree as both wheels were damaged on the nearside and the front tyre punctured! This pleasant short journey turned into a near whole day event!
This is the second time this year that I have had damage to my car, the first was just the tyre and I just replaced it but this time I have decided to make a claim.

stories title
Pothole Damaged 2 Alloy wheels and 1 tyre.Pothole Damaged 2 Alloy wheels and 1 tyre.Pothole Damaged 2 Alloy wheels and 1 tyre.Pothole Damaged 2 Alloy wheels and 1 tyre.
Pothole location
34 Downham Rd, South Hanningfield, Essex, UK
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