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Long deep hole, bishopstone, Bucks.

by weldonm

12 Oct 2011

I was driving home through bishopstone towards haddenham just over a week ago. I had just passed the harrow pub on my right. A car was coming towards me so I had to pull over towards the edge of the road to make way. I felt a sudden hard bump. My steering felt shaky, so I pulled in. I walked back and saw the deep pothole pictured. I took my car to my local garage in haddenham the next day as I suspected damage to my suspension. They found a deep gouge in my near side front tyre which they replaced. The wheel would not run true despite many lead weights which were attached temporarily to allow me to drive, while they ordered me a new alloy wheel as it could not be repaired. The final bill was £519. Please look out for this as you drive through bishopstone.

stories title
Long deep hole, bishopstone, Bucks.Long deep hole, bishopstone, Bucks.Long deep hole, bishopstone, Bucks.
Pothole location
Bishopstone, Stone, Buckinghamshire HP17 8, UK
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