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Severe edge

by stivvy

24 Jan 2010

We had fitted two new front tyres on our Volvo V70 a few weeks ago and like everyone during the wintry weather became aware of the dreadful state of the roads and did our best to avoid the numerous potholes. This incident took us by surprise as it was dark and with a junction and oncoming traffic we did not see the pothole. The contact really shook us and the car and on leaving our hosts some 2 hours later noticed the flat front nearside tyre. Spare went on and next day, Sunday, called at our usual garage to arrange replacement tyre when we noticed the rear nearside tyre was showing a prominent bulge. So two tyres needed, photos taken of location and a claim to be submitted once we've established the responsible authority.

stories title
Severe edgeSevere edge
Pothole location
Uxmore Rd, Stoke Row, Oxfordshire RG8 0, UK
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