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Deep Pothole, Mytchett Place Road - on way to Pirbright

by tigger1980

25 Jan 2010

Driving back from work along this road, coming from pirbright towards the M3. I hit the pothole which measures:
40" (100cm) long x 16" wide (40cm) x 5" (12.5cm) deep

See attached pictures (3 x wide photo, 1 x closeup) (note: pothole at top of wide photos)

As it was getting dark I was unable to see the pothole and because of oncoming traffic I was unable to manouvre when I did see it, at the last minute.

Probably hit it around 30-35mph as it is on a corner and is approaching traffic lights. The Front RHS suspension completely bottomed out and made the whole could car shudder.

The resulting problems from this incident are:
- Car now has a visible shudder at around 50-60mph
- Suspension seems to be ineffective in comparison to the LHS front suspension
- Front RHS now has a vertical shudder at low speed

With the images shown do you think I have a reasonable claim?

stories title
Deep Pothole, Mytchett Place Road - on way to PirbrightDeep Pothole, Mytchett Place Road - on way to PirbrightDeep Pothole, Mytchett Place Road - on way to Pirbright
Pothole location
Mytchett Place Rd, Camberley, Surrey GU16 6, UK
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Comments (1)

Rona    posted : 26/01/10 at 9.54pm

Mychett Place Road was reported by me Monday AM 25/01/10 to Potholes and Surrey CCrndue to flat tyre and damage to the front offside wheel of my vehicle after hitting a deep pothole on this road. I am hoping there is no damage to the rear wheel or suspension. The section of road in question is between the Railway/canal bridge and Mychett Lake Road. Surrey CC [not MOD] have confirmed they are responsible for this road within the local council area of Surrey Heath BC.rnThis is an unlit road with a slight incline and a bend and my incident occured at 1745.rn rn Derek Bangs Farnboroughrn

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