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Bucks - balance of probability and the unqualified inspector

by grantgoodman

19 Nov 2014

Recently awarded £1,150 by the county court for claim for damaged wheels, court costs etc after judge decided that on balance of probability the Cat1 hole i hit must have been there at the time of the previous inspection. I took lots of photos and under Freedom of information act found the name of the inspector. It transpired that he was not yet qualified or full trained. So check when you claim the inspector is qualified. The institute of highway engineers (IHE) believe that only 15 to 20 % are qualified to do the job. The council also managed to fill the wrong hole when they did a temp fix, and failed to do a permanent repair as required by there own guidelines. The Highway Maintenance Efficiency programme (HMEP) makes 17 recommendations - check your council are implementing them, it is not a requirement, but goes a long to showing lack of due diligence.

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Bucks - balance of probability and the unqualified inspector
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