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Mr Duncan Stephen

by duncatr

03 Mar 2010

I am submitting a claim due to damage done to my 2007 Honda Accord whilst driving this road home from work. After hitting this pothole in the dark I ended up with a buckled wheel, damaged wheel bearing, track rod end, ARB link. My wheel can't be replaced so a complete set of wheels is required. The total repair bill is going to be pretty hefty and will need to come out of my own pocket initially anyway as I need my car every day for work.

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Mr Duncan StephenMr Duncan StephenMr Duncan StephenMr Duncan Stephen
Pothole location
B977, Aberdeenshire AB21 7, UK
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Comments (2)

AlloyWheelRepairs    posted : 18/02/13 at 12.55am

Check out for buckled or bent pothole damaged wheels, Del can fix anything, unfortunately he does not deal directly with insurance companies, you need to do that. But he will provide reciept with damage reported on it, in order to claim against insurance companies.

dycie    posted : 01/04/10 at 4.42am

hi mate listen im not being cheeky here but come on think about what you are saying your wheel is not badly damaged you could sort it yourself honestly, then you drop link (ARB), wheel bearing and track rod end. ok your drop link yea but nothing else you will be lucky if your council evan look at your claim, if you want the money back u actually spend dont lie about the damage i am a mechanic so i know the damage that can be caused by potholes, yours seems minor trust me

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