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Iceland Car Park, Old Kent Road, South East London. Major pothole

by richspec

18 Mar 2017

This pothole is a result of bad road surfacing not wear and tear from tires. Because it is right where two tarmac pieces meet. It's right at the centre of the road where there is a slight dip and when it rains the pothole/ditch is covered by puddle and you can drive into it without realising.

It has been like this for years, it is a 5mph car park which makes it not so bad. But you can still get caught out if you're not careful. Picture does not do this justice as it is a LOT more deeper in real live.

I have reported this to the council and Iceland. I don't know who is ultimately reposible. Either way it needs to be fixed. Damage to equipment caused by pothole is not claimable but damage to car is. Unfortunately I had equipment damage.

I was carrying iPad stands for work and the stands were shaken up quite bad when I went over the pothole and some equipment was damaged. I ratcheted the equipment quite well and driven 30 miles that day without an issue but this pothole caused the equipment to break out from the ratchet.

Pothole location
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