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Councils Insurer Wont pay for Pothole damage Newcastle-under-Lyme

by SimonT

22 Mar 2017

I sustained damage to my rear wheel, created a tear in my rear tyre and buckled my front wheel. I put in a claim and now the councils insurer have said they won't pay as the pothole was inspected a month before the incident and wasn't deemed dangerous. I have heard another story from someone else on this site with regards to the same pothole and that multiple people have had damage from the same pothole. The claim is for £210 and so I will have to fight through the courts, it's not just about the money now - its the principal. Also asking people to measure potholes is dangerous, if I decided to measure the white lines for fun I'm sure the police would say I was acting dangerously. The council offer no warnings or disclaimers on the forms to say 'only if it is safe to do so etc' , this was on the junction of a busy dual carriageway.

Pothole location
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tommyt    posted : 05/04/17 at 3.49pm

Hi - I'm a reporter for BBC Midlands Today and I'm looking into the issue of Potholes. Could you give me a call? 07721638856rnrnTom Turrell

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