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by Phph

27 May 2017

Hi .on the 21st of may 2017 I hit a pothole and something sticking up on a A road , I reported the hole straight away to the guys who look after a roads but as it was a council road they contact the council I tried them and as it was a Sunday they are closed ,so I sent an email with exact details of the hole and telling them car my is damaged I also phoned them Monday and spoke to risk management who told me they would pass my complaint to there insurance company Zurich .

Just four days later(26 may ) without asking for any evidence they have rejected my case , using article 58 siting the road was inspected by someone driving the road on the 10th may and there was no potholes reported .
As my car needs a new spring and back axle I am not happy as I was only doing 35 miles an hour just going into forty stretch of road . I have pictures of the hole and damage and the thing sticking up on the other side of the hole .

But since the 21st of the incident and the rejection letter they have repaired the road where I had the damage by fixing a very large patch over the road as around the hole the road was crumbling up .

Does anyone have advice about the road having no problems ten day before my car was damaged and me reporting it on Monday and the road being fixed so quickly even though apparently it was perfect .

What excuse will the council come up with as the road must have damaged for weeks and before the council inspection drive by .


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