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A27 Lewes Roundabout Pothole Tyre Blowout


14 Jun 2017

I was returning from work from Eastbourne towards Brighton. I was approaching the roundabout at Lewes on the A27 at 35-40mph. There were no other vehicles around thankfully as I approached on the right hand lane towards the roundabout to go straight across and my front wheel passenger side hit the pothole on the roundabout causing a blowout of the tyre. This sent me to the left towards the bushes. Luckily I got the car under control and pulled into the bus layby by the toilets and the mobile snack bar. I was very shocked and shaken by what had happened but managed to change the tyre to put the spare on. I had to cancel my final work appointment of the day, losing money as I had to get my tyre repaired ASAP as I was driving to Bristol that evening for a meeting the following day.

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A27 Lewes Roundabout Pothole Tyre Blowout
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